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Why TOAST? The Story behind Toast on The Town


Letter from the Creator - Christal Kotchman-Giardina


What if our city offered a culinary experience to remember? Something exclusive... one of a kind... showcasing Tampa Bay’s best local Chefs and unique locations.


Welcome to Toast!


“Being a foodie myself, city girl, supporter of local businesses and entrepreneur; naturally, I wanted to create something unique and fun to offer the community and our city.”


Rewind… Over the past ten years, I’ve planned a variety of events for clients and it always amazed me to see people having a good time around the dinner table. When I witnessed spouses, family and friends smiling, enjoying good food and great company it seemed so simple. This is definitely not something new and yet the more I observed, the more I was convinced of something... We live in a world that is so busy and fast paced, we often miss the opportunity to slow down and gather together. Something special happens at the table with good company and delicious food.


The idea came to me to transform the dinner experience into much more… something to remember and to be desired. Do you love food, fun and community? Then, I’m glad you are visiting Toast on The Town.


I created Toast with hopes to provide dining experiences that exceed beyond food and fun. Imagine your dining experience - sitting at a beautiful table with a seat just for you, nestled in a unique location. Your exclusive evening out will have you eagerly trying  different style menus and cultures from selected chefs. A night to remember with with community, friends and loved ones.


I am the Founder and CEO of CKG Hospitality the Event Planning company which started this local dinner series, Toast on The Town in June of 2017. Our city has so much to offer and we want to share it. I hope you will raise your glasses with us and Toast together soon.

See you at the table!



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